What do Food Cravings really mean?

When I first meet a client, I go through their health history and get a general overview of whats going on. One of the questions I ask is do you crave anything? And so far, I haven’t come across anyone that has said NO! It is so common to have food cravings but what do […]

The importance of Primary Foods

When I trained to become a Health Coach, I was particularly interested in learning about what really nourishes us as human beings. Many of us understand the importance of good food and how important it is that we feed our bodies well through the food we eat but food is actually a secondary source of nourishment. […]

Where else is Vitamin C hiding?

These next few blog posts are all centred around building up immunity for the cold winter months fast approaching. As I sit here at my dining room table, blanket around my shoulders, rain pouring down outside, I ask myself about that very popular Vitamin that is packed full in oranges but ask myself where else […]

The importance of bio-individuality

I was at an event the other day with a wonderful group of independent business women, each with their ow n skills, their varying careers, their individual personalities and their diverse ideas of how to build their businesses. The thing that struck me was that even with all their differences, there was one thing they all had in common. […]

Health coaching in pictures

As well as working with my clients privately, I also am part of the team of alternative therapists at Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre http://www.wellbeing-centre.org I was recently asked to provide 2 images for my flyer for their reception area that represents what I do. Wow – how do you show in 2 images that I […]

A powerful immune boosting herb – Astragalus

As the winter approaches I thought it good to write about an amazing plant that can help with  boosting your immune system during the winter months – astragalus . There is so much to learn about the medicinal properties of plants and I’m only just learning about them myself. It is important however to do your research […]

chocolate bark recipe

This delicious and easy to make snack by Madelaine Shaw is not only healthy but satisfies the sweet craving or afternoon drop perfectly. Ingredients: 1/4 cup raw hazelnuts 1/4 cup raw almonds 1/3 cup large flake dried coconut 1/2 cup virgin coconut oil 1/2 cup cocoa or cacao powder, sifted if necessary 1/4 cup pure […]

The amazing benefits of colouring in

I’ve always been into colouring and colour as a makeup artist so colour has always featured very heavily in my work. It now seems as a health coach, there is a place for colour and colouring here too. Colouring enables us to stop focusing on the past and future and instead be in the here […]

The sweet tasting enemy – sugar

14.09.15 – Sugar It only feels right that sugar should be spoken about. That sweet tasting addictive substance that ruins lives and has people climbing up the walls but yet we still keep consuming it – in all forms. As Robert Lustig famously once said – Sugar will kill you.    Sugar is a toxin. […]

Brighton and Hove Food Festival 2015

I took myself off to Brighton and Hove food festival the other day. Although the sun was shining and the atmosphere was relaxed, I was disappointed. It seemed to be wine tent after wine tent and if it wasn’t that, it was sausages and barbequed meats being grilled from all angles. There were the obvious […]