Pancakes for breakfast – or waffles if you prefer

I’ve woken up feeling inspired – it feels like a pancake kind of breakfast and I’ve shot out of bed to get flipping! Found a great recipe by Madeline Shaw for these waffles so since I don’t have a waffle maker, I adapted it to make pancakes instead. Here it is: 460 ml of almond […]

Procrastination can lead to energy balls

I’m bursting at the seams with food ideas, recipes, health tips, feelings, excitements, frustrations, quotes and much more and finally after much deliberating, I’m taking the plunge and beginning my blog.

The power of de-cluttering your house

Today I was working with a client who when we first began our coaching sessions she had a house full of things that needed clearing, selling, fixing, organizing, sorting, ebay-ing (a verb yet to appear in the dictionary), filing and doing. I could feel how stressed she had become at living in the clutter for […]