Kids eat salad – It’s true!

Kids eat salad? Really! Kids eat salad. Kids love salad. Kids ask for salad. If you don’t agree with any of these sentences, there is something wrong with the salad. When I asked my my four year daughter what she’d like for lunch the other day, her answer was salad. A perfectly normal answer I […]

Where does my food come from?

Don’t you just love it when the simplest things are so brilliant? I had so much fun taking my 2 daughters to a farm in Worthing for them to pick their own fruits and veggies. It’s one thing saying to a 4 year old city girl that vegetables grow from the ground and fruit grows on […]

Raising self-esteem through health coaching

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem? I’d been working with ‘Miss Worth’ (name has been changed) for 6 months now and her journey to raise her self-esteem has been an interesting one. A young woman in her late twenties with so little confidence it was affecting her decisions at work, her relationships and above all, her […]

What actually is a Holistic Health Coach?

We can tell a lot about someone from their facial expressions. Since becoming a Holistic Health Coach I’ve found it fascinating that generally the face expressions when I tell someone my job are all the same! It’s that sort of vacant, blank, “Aaagh, interesting” look, together with those transparent thoughts of, “I feel I should know […]

Health coaching in pictures

As well as working with my clients privately, I also am part of the team of alternative therapists at Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre I was recently asked to provide 2 images for my flyer for their reception area that represents what I do. Wow – how do you show in 2 images that I […]

The power of de-cluttering your house

Today I was working with a client who when we first began our coaching sessions she had a house full of things that needed clearing, selling, fixing, organizing, sorting, ebay-ing (a verb yet to appear in the dictionary), filing and doing. I could feel how stressed she had become at living in the clutter for […]