Are your Primary Foods being nourished?

What does nourishing Primary Foods actually mean? I was once asked by my business mentor to come up with my ideal client. My first thought was how can I do that, they are all ideal and all unique! I went through all my clients to try and pin point who I’ve most enjoyed working with […]

Raising self-esteem through health coaching

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem? I’d been working with ‘Miss Worth’ (name has been changed) for 6 months now and her journey to raise her self-esteem has been an interesting one. A young woman in her late twenties with so little confidence it was affecting her decisions at work, her relationships and above all, her […]

Client success story – Mr Change

I have an amazing story to share. I have a client who I’ve been coaching for 7 months now. Lets call him Mr Change (obviously he will remain anonymous). He came to me with eating issues having been diagnosed with anorexia 4 years ago. Throughout our work together, we un-covered many of the mysteries around […]

Client success story – Mrs Bleep

Many clients ask me what sort of things people come to me about so I thought writing a few posts about my clients and their journeys would be interesting. Obviously, I have changed any names and the odd fact here and there so they remain anonymous and protected from being identified. Lets call this first […]

What actually is a Holistic Health Coach?

We can tell a lot about someone from their facial expressions. Since becoming a Holistic Health Coach I’ve found it fascinating that generally the face expressions when I tell someone my job are all the same! It’s that sort of vacant, blank, “Aaagh, interesting” look, together with those transparent thoughts of, “I feel I should know […]

A powerful immune boosting herb – Astragalus

As the winter approaches I thought it good to write about an amazing plant that can help with  boosting your immune system during the winter months – astragalus . There is so much to learn about the medicinal properties of plants and I’m only just learning about them myself. It is important however to do your research […]

The amazing benefits of colouring in

I’ve always been into colouring and colour as a makeup artist so colour has always featured very heavily in my work. It now seems as a health coach, there is a place for colour and colouring here too. Colouring enables us to stop focusing on the past and future and instead be in the here […]

The power of de-cluttering your house

Today I was working with a client who when we first began our coaching sessions she had a house full of things that needed clearing, selling, fixing, organizing, sorting, ebay-ing (a verb yet to appear in the dictionary), filing and doing. I could feel how stressed she had become at living in the clutter for […]