Meal Planning Service


Meal Planning Service

I often find my clients become stuck with inspiration, struggling for ideas and short on time when it comes to preparing meals. So, to make their lives easier I offer them a Meal Planning Service. I do everything except cook the food and eat the meal. That bit is for you to enjoy…

Here is how it works.

  • You start by filling in a simple questionnaire so I can send you recipes that suit your requirements.
  • You next decide how long you’d like recipes for.
  • I then email them to you weekly on a day of your choice.

It’s simple!

  1. Receive your personalised meal plan
  2. Order your weekly ingredients from the shopping list
  3. Cook and enjoy

How much does it cost?:

4 weekly meal plans £189 £170 (for clients)
8 weekly meal plans £336 £302 (for clients)
12 weekly meal plans £432 £389 (for clients)

These prices are based on one course for one of the following meal choices:

breakfast, lunch or dinner

If you wanted more than one of the above meal choices on the plan, please add an extra £50 to each of the prices above.

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