What are Primary Foods?


I look forward to letting you know about Primary Foods and Secondary Foods and seeing the positive impact this will have on your life.



Do you lack joy in your life? Do you sometimes make decisions for yourself that cause more harm than good? Do you ever wonder why you keep going around and around in the same destructive circles?

We all know how important good food is for our health but how many of you know what the most essential Primary Foods are to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind? Vegetables? Fruit? Protein? No! These are all essential yes, however they are Secondary Foods.

Come along to this inspiring talk by Brighton based Health Coach Jules Francis who specialises in the psychology of food choices and discover the areas of your life where you are feeling nourished and where you might be lacking in essential nutrients.

What’s included:

  • An informative talk
  • Q & A
  • Homemade Healthy Refreshments
  • Handouts for you to take home
  • Discounted optional 1-1 consultations to all participants

For more info or to book your place, please email jules@julesfrancis.com