A powerful immune boosting herb – Astragalus

As the winter approaches I thought it good to write about an amazing plant that can help with  boosting your immune system during the winter months – astragalus . There is so much to learn about the medicinal properties of plants and I’m only just learning about them myself. It is important however to do your research properly and not take herbs lightly – they, like any medicine, can cause side-effects. The power of plants is pretty mind-blowing really but must be handled with respect and with expertise.

If you do consider herbs to boost your immune system, discuss your particular needs with a health practitioner who understands your individual situation. Some herbs for the immune system may enhance or interact with the action of synthetic medications and should be monitored by an herbalist or a doctor who understands how herbs interact with other treatments.

Astragalus is known to enhance the immune system through the increase of white blood cells and stimulation of antibodies which in turn creates a resistance to both virus’s and bacteria. With that in mind, it  is wonderful for fighting colds and flu symptoms so remember this little powerful plant next time you are lying in bed feeling achy bones, sneezing and flu-like.

Astragalus is also an effective remedy to use in asthma as it helps with lung function as well as helping the adrenal glands to function better so if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, this is the herb to look up.

This is the root of the astragalus plant – the part that is used in making up tinctures.

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