Brighton and Hove Food Festival 2015

I took myself off to Brighton and Hove food festival the other day. Although the sun was shining and the atmosphere was relaxed, I was disappointed. It seemed to be wine tent after wine tent and if it wasn’t that, it was sausages and barbequed meats being grilled from all angles.

There were the obvious stalls of olives and nut tasting, bread stands and ice-creams and of course the local businesses competing against each other for their ‘award winning products’.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 07.35.51

I bought some local honey from a beekeeper, some organic coconut oil and some sundried tomato and olive wheat and gluten free bread from a local baker – phew, thats a mouthful. Whatever happened to a simple loaf of bread??

I heard a talk on baking cakes – I won’t name names as my observations of her cake baking skills were quite frankly pretty appalling! She choked on the flour that got caught in her throat during her demo, she used more caster sugar than I knew existed and every other word was ‘here’s one I made earlier’ followed by an explanation that she still lives in regret at not ever appearing on Blue Peter as a child! She also focused her demonstration on making jammy dodgers even though most people there were expecting to see a cake being made! Not impressed really.

I was however excited to see a company called Eat naked. Their philosophy is food that is free from wheat, dairy and sugar. Much more up my street. What’s more, they are opening up a café and shop right round the corner from me and I’m excited to say I’ll be at the opening night to support them. (


One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive, the other 3 quarters keeps your doctor alive. Master Manta chia