Letting go of food guilt through health coaching

Letting go of food guilt

Mrs Foodie, (obviously not her real name) a lovely well respected artist in her early 60’s was riddled with guilt. Guilt over relationships, guilt over communication, guilt over past traumas, and above all food guilt.

It’s amazing how we can move through life experiencing all its challenges. The twists and turns of dealing with something so fundamental like our relationship with food, often gets left until much later on in life – when it begins to negatively affect our health.

Mrs Foodie had neglected her health and it had taken a turn for the worse. When she first came to see me, she was vomiting daily, suffering from regular headaches, had little energy and had difficulty in sleeping for longer stretches than 3 hours. Her work was being affected and she had difficulty in concentrating.

Coaching Mrs Foodie

Over the 9 months we worked together, I found Mrs Foodie to be so open and ready for changes to be made. All the goals we set for her between sessions were met with open-ness, enthusiasm and a willingness to overcome her fears to face the more challenging ones.

Coaching Mrs Foodie through her guilt in other areas of her life helped her to understand the issue she had with food guilt. Understanding herself and her patterns for developing guilt over certain things but not over others was a really big help too. How these habits then manifested themselves around food and eating were clearer.

Food guilt discoveries

We talked about Mrs Foodies eating patterns at work and compared them to her eating patterns at home. It soon became apparent that being desperately unhappy at work would result in eating food that wasn’t so good for her. Yet at weekends she would give attention to herself and nourish her body with what worked and not with the food that made her feel guilty for eating it.

Work became the core issue of our coaching sessions and within months, Mrs Foodie decided to give in her notice. The following months were incredible. She had the whole world at her fingertips and we went about discovering what it was that she would really like to do.

Food guilt – a thing of the past

I coached Mrs Foodie a year ago and she has now re-invented herself, re-trained, re-done her whole house and has found a new way of relating to herself that she never before had.

Food has become one of life’s pleasures once again. Through understanding and listening to her body, Mrs Foodie has developed a necessary consciousness around food and its effect on her that is different to the effect it has on others.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” Ann Wigmore

As a Health Coach, I spend a lot of time with this in mind, working with my clients to understand their medicine and their poisons with food and once when that has been understood, delving into the reasons for continuing to eat the ‘poisonous’ food when they know the harmful effects it can have on their overall wellbeing and health.  It’s fascinating!

If you’d like to know more about your medicines and your poisons or perhaps can relate to the issues Mrs Foodies once had, I’d love to hear from you. Do get in touch.

Food guilt - brown wooden spoons with herbs and spices as a medicine.