Health coaching in pictures

As well as working with my clients privately, I also am part of the team of alternative therapists at Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre

I was recently asked to provide 2 images for my flyer for their reception area that represents what I do. Wow – how do you show in 2 images that I work with clients on so many different aspects of their lives?

Here are just a few examples of the range of clients I see. One lady came to see me who was struggling with her career decisions and the worry and stress over it was deeply effecting her sleep. Another came to see me for sugar addiction and weight gain. Another for support around de-cluttering her home to help her to live a more organised and less chaotic lifestyle and to help her with planning meals for the family when 4 members in the family all had different eating requirements. A gentleman, suffering greatly from a lack of exercise and lack of energy and needing gentle suggestions to get his body back in shape. How is that shown in images? So in the end, a beautiful picture of vegetables didn’t feel right, nor did a shot of a lady running through a sunlit tree so I opted for my logo which took some getting to but once I got there, it felt perfect.


The other image I chose was this one. The road which leads my clients to their ultimate destination of good health and wellbeing.


Its a wonderful role I play in so many different peoples lives and one in which I fell so privileged to be in. I wish one image did sum it all up but I still haven’t found it. I’ll keep searching.