Healthy Camping ideas

With summer just around the corner and festival season beginning, camping could be high up on the agenda. Long gone are the days of surviving in the woods with a tin of baked beans and a loaf of bread. There are so many ways of eating healthy foods, even in the middle of nowhere. The important thing is to arrive prepared and plan each meal well in advance.

It’s a good idea to write out a menu for each day, including snacks and then add another days supplies, just in case! This also acts as a packing list so you can ensure everything has been considered, including the equipment needed to prepare the meal.

The cooler should be packed with large bits of ice or ice packs instead of small cubes to keep food cold longer. Drinks can also be frozen a couple of days in advance which act as additional ice packs before they are consumed.

For some healthier options and ideas, take a look at these tried and tested recipes when camping with children.


  • Porridge is easy to make when camping, simply add fresh fruit or pre-prepared berry mix, apple puree, or yoghurt of your choice and away you go.
  • Boiling eggs before you go always works, bring them along in their shells and enjoy it mashed onto a ryvita or wholemeal bread.
  • Scrambled eggs in a croissant – add spinach to the pan or mushrooms for a more hearty breakfast

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  • Wholemeal bagels, houmous, cucumber, olives, carrot sticks,
  • Fill pita pockets or wraps with all-natural nut butters, hummus and veggies, or tuna. Peanut butter is also a great option.
  • Pre cooked puy lentils are a great accompaniment to a salad or sandwich, add green or red pesto for more flavour
  • Omelette with red peppers, mushrooms and courgette, cut up and served in triangle wedges
  • Fresh corn on the cobs – grilled on the BBQ with houmous and salad on the side

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  • Bring along pre-cooked brown rice, beans, chick peas, and simply add veggies of your choice to make a stir fry
  • Pre make your favourite vegan burgers to simply heat up on the stove and add them to a wholemeal bread roll with salad
  • Tofu, vegetable skewers – enjoy preparing as a family on site or as a time saver, bring the veggies already sliced and cut up from home and simply grill them on site. Keep fresh in an airtight container

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Roast fruit in tin foil, sprinkle cinammon on cut up apples and bake them over a flame

Grill or bbq a banana in foil and fill with nuts or almond butter

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  • Pre washed and cut up fruits

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  • Bring half a jar of nut butter and fill the other half with celery sticks or carrot sticks to dip in and devour.
  • Energy balls – make your own at home and have them as a go to snack whenever you feel like it. (recipes for energy balls can be seen on
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Trail mix – make your own mix of nuts and seeds and munch on them throughout the days

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Happy Camping!!