Kids eat salad – It’s true!

Kids eat salad? Really!

kids eat saladKids eat salad. Kids love salad. Kids ask for salad. If you don’t agree with any of these sentences, there is something wrong with the salad.

When I asked my my four year daughter what she’d like for lunch the other day, her answer was salad. A perfectly normal answer I thought, so lets make it exactly as she imagines it to be and this was the result.

What was in the salad?

She asked for beetroot cucumber, avocado, lettuce, sprouts, (specifically alfalfa ones) and tomatoes. I asked if she wanted fruit and nuts too so we added grapes and cashews nuts. We sprinkled the whole salad with poppy seeds and dressed it with hemp oil and a dash of lemon juice.  The plate was licked clean.

You see salad isn’t a problem for kids – its usually the grown ups that grew up thinking it was only for grown ups! Kids love salad. A chance to throw a rainbow of colour on a plate and chop things up into tiny pieces. You can put anything in there and it will work. You can play with textures from crispy to crunchy and from soft to juicy

kids eat salad

Getting kids involved with salad

The best bit is that kids can get involved in making their own salads up and do some chopping. It’s a win win meal.

The other great thing is the way salad can be presented to kids. It doesn’t just need to be thrown in a bowl and mixed together, there are oodles of options for presenting salad on a plate. Or of course, presenting the salad and asking the child to make up a picture for their own plate.

kids eat saladkids eat saladkids eat saladkids eat saladkids eat salad                 kids eat salad

If you have any issues with your kids not eating salad or vegetables, please share, I’m here to offer suggestions. If you have any positive salad stories you’d like to share, feel free!

If you’re interested in taking your kids to pick their own salad, read this blog “Where my food comes from?” and check out Roundstone Farm in Worthing.