Are your Primary Foods being nourished?

What does nourishing Primary Foods actually mean?

I was once asked by my business mentor to come up with my ideal client.

My first thought was how can I do that, they are all ideal and all unique! I went through all my clients to try and pin point who I’ve most enjoyed working with and I just kept getting stuck. I couldn’t choose between women or men, or the ideal age group, or whether it was clients who are struggling with work decisions or clients who have issues around self-confidence, clients who are stuck in relationships, or clients who are trying to adapt to life with an illness or debilitating symptoms.

I felt a bit baffled but what I did know is Primary Foods are key and once they are not being nourished, it will surely have an affect on a persons Secondary foods.

Career is one of the key Primary Foods that nourish us all and when this is clear and working well, it will un doubtedly have a positive impact on other areas of your life.  Other principle Primary Foods are relationships, physical exercise and spirituality.

Primary Foods

Secondary food is what we actually consume – the food we eat. When we are nourished by our Primary foods, it is more likely that the choices we make around our Secondary foods will be good ones.

So within my own career, I was urged to come up with something that I felt truly passionate about, something that inspired me to spend my working hours focusing on. Something that would excite me. It eventually became clear.

Who did I most want to work with?  

Women between the ages of 40 and 50 who tend to over-indulge in food that they know to be bad for them. I work with them on the root cause of these tendencies (i.e. their primary foods) so they can make better choices around food, feel more confident and get clarity on where they want to be.

By finding my own clarity, I have been able to work with these ideal clients. Those who really want to make positive transformation, those who are willing to put in the work to reach their goals and those who are looking for support.

I recently worked with a lady who drunk a minimum of 5 cups of coffee a day and a few cups of tea. The epileptic seizures she was having were down to stress at work, she thought, and the caffeine consumption was what kept her going throughout the day. During her 3 month programme, she recognised the patterns at work that un-settled her, raised her anxiety and that then led her to those coffees.


We worked through the patterns and found her delicious substitutes that satisfied her. She cut down to 5 coffees a week. She noticed that her seizures were reducing.

By the end of the programme, she was on zero caffeine. I introduced her to raw chocolate and encouraged her to make her own. This quickly replaced her chocolate fix and she found drinking ‘hot totty’s’ with almond milk a sprinkle of mixed spice, and a smidge of turmeric a perfect coffee replacement. She no longer felt the need for tea at all.

Not only were things improving greatly at work, but she was also no longing having seizures.

Another lady I worked with was diabetic type 1. For 30 years she had been vigilant with her diet and done exactly as she was told around her food choices. But when it came to alcohol, she was simply unable to cut down. She knew the affects of alcohol on her body, but we all know that knowledge is nothing without taking action.

Throughout her 6 month programme, she realised that alcohol was her way of keeping in control of the diabetes so that it wasn’t in control of her. It was her way of saying I have the power over you, not the other way round. By exploring her need for taking control and working with particular issues that led her to this, she was able to see what the alcohol actually represented for her and could then see the reason it was so hard for her to cut it out.


I spoke with her recently to see how she was doing and she hasn’t had a drink for 3 months. Her energy has returned, her sleep is more sound and her teetotal partner is enjoying their evenings together without the need for a bottle of wine to be placed between them.




Take a look at the wheel of primary foods and ask yourself..

Which primary foods of yours are out of balance?

Which area of your life can you do with finding more clarity on?

Where might you be over-indulging?

Get in touch and let me know…