Raising self-esteem through health coaching

Have you ever struggled with self-esteem?

I’d been working with ‘Miss Worth’ (name has been changed) for 6 months now and her journey to raise her self-esteem has been an interesting one. A young woman in her late twenties with so little confidence it was affecting her decisions at work, her relationships and above all, her health.

Miss Worth was stuck. She would look in the mirror and feel ugly. She would doubt herself and her ability to be a success and therefore wasn’t able to fulfil her role at work properly. Her friends were losing interest in her as she became increasingly more introvert and her partner was distancing himself.


How health coaching helps self-esteem

We worked together over 6 months and the change in her was remarkable. Once when we’d got to the roots of her low self esteem, it became clear whose life she was actually living. Through gentle questioning and picking up on family dynamics that had never before been understood, Miss Worth began to unravel. I used techniques such as EFT – (Emotional Freedom Technique) to understand the roots of her low self-esteem.

Together, we worked on letting these past issues go, she gradually became more present and was able to see herself as a young child who needed some nurturing. After just a few months, Miss Worth had enough courage to apply for her dream job, change her perspective on her role at work and understand the relationships she had with the colleagues at work who she’d previously seen as friends. Once when she understood their role in her life, they stopped disappointing her.

Self-esteem in relationships

Self-esteem came into play during our work together when Miss Worth suffered from a broken heart. Old patterns remained stagnant and the newer her, the more positive one, the one with new found confidence and her eye on the bigger picture was able to manage her pain. Her new found inner confidence shone through and she saw the reasons for the break up as positive, necessary and a chance to move forward and not backwards. She was very proud of herself.

Can re-vamping your image help with self-esteem?

I also encouraged her to take herself shopping for a new collection of clothes. She got a new hair cut, and she gave away the clothes that made her feel big and that she wanted to hide under. The shopping trip helped to brighten her up from the outside therefore also brightening her up from the inside.

The work I do is so varied and the results are so valuable. The changes people make along the way are long lasting – they learn tools which work for them which they can then apply in other situations.

I’ve since heard from Miss Worth that she left her old job, got her dream job and feels like a new person.