The Reset Button Ebook

Did working from home have a negative impact on your mind or body? We all ended up working from home for longer than expected. For some, you still may be working from home full time. 

The Reset Button E-book offers tips and techniques that will feel like your very own health coach encouraging you to work and play in a way that supports your mental and physical well-being… before unhealthy habits take over.

The four essential topics covered here are; Food & Drink, Movement and Exercise, Emotional Wellbeing and Rest & Rejuvenation.

All this and so much more will not only help to improve your focus, encourage a more productive day at work and more fun in your time off, but it will also give you something to refer to each and every time you need to re-set.


Batch Cooking Made Easier

Are dinner times challenging when time is of the essence and the cupboards are bare? This recipe e-book makes dinner times easy by choosing one main ingredient and making multiple different dishes with similar ingredients. Ready to be enjoyed at a moments notice. All recipes are vegetarian and can be easily modified by making vegan or adding fish or meat of your choice.


Lunch Boxes Made Happier

Has working from home meant those convenient sandwiches from the local cafe are no longer an option? This vegetarian recipe e-book contains some easy, quick and delicious ideas for lunches that can all be popped in the freezer for busier days. There are also healthy snack ideas that can be enjoyed by you and your kids. Indulge and prepared to be wowed.


Discover Your Food Relationship

Ever wonder how healthy your relationship with food really is? Take this quick quiz to uncover your food relationship type and get personalised tips on how to improve it.