Client success story – Mr Change

I have an amazing story to share. I have a client who I’ve been coaching for 7 months now. Lets call him Mr Change (obviously he will remain anonymous). He came to me with eating issues having been diagnosed with anorexia 4 years ago.

Throughout our work together, we un-covered many of the mysteries around his food habits and eating patterns and I’m delighted to say that from eating religiously at the same time every day, checking expiry dates, eating the exact same food day in and day out, never eating out, always bringing food with him when he was out and not eating in anyone else’s house, he now has a varied diet, a flexible mind set and a new love for food.

Mr Change is a young man, not even 20 years old and has been trapped into habits that he believed were good for him. Once when we un-picked each habit, understood its origin, understood the belief around it and made realistic new suggestions, things started shifting.

Change is not easy for some people and doesn’t often happen over night. It is really interesting to explore change in detail and what emotions are associated with it. Also what memories are connected to the fears around change.

Working with Mr Change has been so rewarding as he has blossomed in front of my very eyes. His whole life has opened up to him. He can finally socialise with friends as he isn’t scared any more to eat with them. He can enjoy going out for lunch with his family and order freely from the menu without needing to eat his own sandwiches at the table and he can remove restrictions around where to go. He is a free man.