Client success story – Mrs Bleep

Many clients ask me what sort of things people come to me about so I thought writing a few posts about my clients and their journeys would be interesting. Obviously, I have changed any names and the odd fact here and there so they remain anonymous and protected from being identified.

Lets call this first client Mrs Bleep. She came to me with severe stress at work and was looking for a better work life balance but didn’t know how to achieve it. She felt she’d lost control over her life and wasn’t sure where to go from here.

Her stress was building daily and naturally was affecting her health. She wasn’t eating properly or sleeping well. She also had regular bouts of vomiting and didn’t know why. Mrs bleep was 60 years old, lived alone with her 2 cats.

After seeing Mrs Bleep every 2 weeks for 6 months, the changes are remarkable. Her vomiting has stopped completely, her cravings have diminished, she is eating regularly and actually enjoying the food. She has identified the foods that cause her low energy, sleepless nights and suck her energy dry. She has introduced a realistic number of tasty meals into her week which knowing what they are in advance allows her to shop efficiently, cook productively and above all, eat well and nourish her body properly.

She has left her job after 30 years and has re-trained in a completely new area of work. She has de-cluttered her house and has come up with creative ways of earning money that don’t stretch her too much.

She has also set boundaries around herself by identifying those friendships which are really valuable to her and those which she no longer has the energy for.

I now see Mrs Bleep once a month for top up sessions and she continues to have more awareness of her body, herself and her place in this new life of hers.