The sweet tasting enemy – sugar

14.09.15 – Sugar

It only feels right that sugar should be spoken about. That sweet tasting addictive substance that ruins lives and has people climbing up the walls but yet we still keep consuming it – in all forms.

As Robert Lustig famously once said – Sugar will kill you. 


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Sugar is a toxin. In any shape or form. There really are absolutely no benefits to it at all. Thing is sugar craving isn’t just about willpower. Sometimes there are underlying physiologic causes feeding your desire for sugar and they need to be investigated so you don’t continue to let yourself down time and time again when you end up reaching for something sweet even though you’ve promised yourself you won’t.

It’s important with any craving to consider the whole picture – physically, emotionally and biochemically to pinpoint exactly where you may benefit from a change and to then release yourself from your cravings. The more balanced you are the more you’ll find your cravings naturally disappearing with little or no effort.

I am convinced that craving sugar or binging on sugar is not a reflection of your willpower or your individual strength but instead something much deeper that can be explored.

I suppose these days we are pretty fortunate though as there are plenty of sugar substitutes and therefore there is no excuse for using white refined sugar to bake with, sprinkle on cereals or add to your hot drinks. But people still do it!!

Just to remind you a few of the main reasons why sugar is best avoided..

  • It increases the chances of heart disease
  • It increases the chance of cancer
  • It rots your teeth
  • It makes you put on weight
  • It plays havoc with your mood
  • It makes you tired and depleted after the initial sugar high has ended

So, don’t beat yourself up about sugar cravings – understand yourself a little more, try and recognise patterns when you most feel the need to consume it and see how it effects your mood afterwards. Be your own private investigator and if that doesn’t work, get in touch and I’ll see if I can help.

If you are still not quite sure of the effects of sugar – watch this entertaining but sadly true short film.