What actually is a Holistic Health Coach?

We can tell a lot about someone from their facial expressions. Since becoming a Holistic Health Coach I’ve found it fascinating that generally the face expressions when I tell someone my job are all the same! It’s that sort of vacant, blank, “Aaagh, interesting” look, together with those transparent thoughts of, “I feel I should know what a Holistic Health Coach is but I haven’t a clue really and so I’ll just agree politely and ask if it is about….. helping people with food??”.

It’s almost a guaranteed response. So, I thought it might be helpful to clarify my role a little more so we can take out the guess work.

I work with clients holistically, looking at all areas of their lives that have a negative effect on them in some way. We will look at their work life, their relationships, their home life, their spiritual path, exercise routine (or lack of), food and dietary habits, cravings, addictions, and worries. Anything at all that has an effect on ones health, I will uncover.

I take each element that is discussed in the initial consultation and over a period of 6 months, we work together to make gentle yet profound improvements that release stress and tension, ease discomfort, improve ailments and symptoms and allow for a more positive outlook resulting in an overall healthier lifestyle generally.

Clients often notice that with this support and with the regular space and time to explore their issues creatively that they become empowered to deal with many more areas of their lives that they ever thought possible.

I have been working with a 26 year old man for 4 months now who came to me with a long list of symptoms. His diet consisted of 6-7 Coca Colas a day, lunch was pastries and cakes, dinner was either a fast food takeaway or a microwaved ready meal, he smoked 25 cigarettes a day, drunk excessive alcohol and was very miserable. He suffered with asthma, insomnia, regular diarrhoea, no energy, lack of self confidence, itchy skin, the list goes on.

Through our sessions and with his dedication, he has gone down to 1-2 cigarettes per day, no cola or other fizzy drinks, eats a proper balanced diet, no longer wheezes, has improved his digestion, sleeps soundly and wakes feeling rested, has much more energy and has found a new respect for him and his body that he never had before. He’s dropped a shirt size, his posture has straightened, he holds his head up high and above all, he is happy.

Another client, a 39 year old woman suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, an inability to feed her family properly, a severe lack of energy, regular migraines and a host of other symptoms came to me a year ago. I still see her monthly for top up sessions but the changes in her are remarkable. She now knows the impact of food on not only her body but her mood and her energy levels too. She is armed with tools that help her through her panic attacks and knows what the triggers are. She is also able to now introduce her kids to healthier meals that she has cooked herself from scratch (she’d never cooked a meal before) and has lost a considerable amount of weight. She no longer has migraines and her relationship with her husband has become clearer to her.

My role is to empower my clients with the tools they need to be healthier and to support them through the darker days when they just feel completely helpless. It is deeply satisfying to be a Holistic Health Coach and the results I have witnessed have been amazing.
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