Where does my food come from?

Don’t you just love it when the simplest things are so brilliant? I had so much fun taking my 2 daughters to a farm in Worthing for them to pick their own fruits and veggies. It’s one thing saying to a 4 year old city girl that vegetables grow from the ground and fruit grows on trees but its another digging them up yourself and eating them for dinner.

We rode around on a tractor covering acres of beautifully kept land with delicious veggie patches and fruit trees. Spotting what was in season, what was in abundance, filling up our baskets with deliciousness. They were in their element.

The first stop was the berries –  although the redcurrants looked very tempting they didn’t quite go down that well

IMG_6017     IMG_6026

The plums were divine and hard to know when to stop picking..

IMG_6021     IMG_6022


Rummaging around for a big round savoy cabbage was very easy as we were practically swimming in them..

IMG_6032     IMG_6036

Shame about the rhubarb – this was all we could muster up.


But the best part was the carrots! My daughter used muscles she never even knew existed to get these beauties! The sheer delight on their faces when a carrot came out was priceless..

IMG_6042    IMG_6037IMG_6039   IMG_6041IMG_6045

We also picked beetroot, leek, cauliflower, potatoes, red onions, courgettes – it was hard to know when to stop.

The best bit of the day was dinner – we made plum crumble, raspberry chia seed jam, roasted beetroot and of course, simple but yummy – crudités.

IMG_6053          IMG_6055

IMG_6054    IMG_6059