Join Jules for these transformative retreats of learning, growth, and healing. Discover what truly nourishes your mind, body, and soul while identifying and releasing limiting beliefs.

Through guided meditation and sound healing, you will integrate the learnings on a deep level, leaving you energised, lighter, and inspired whilst connecting with like-minded individuals and indulging in delicious vegan food crafted by our culinary experts.

These immersive retreats are your chance to explore what it means to truly thrive!

Nourish your body and mind & discover your appetite for life

I invite you to a one-day in-person retreat to reconnect with your body and understand what truly nourishes you.


Beyond Food 3 Day Immersive Retreat

Each part of this incredible three-day retreat has been carefully curated to help you with your journey Beyond Food. Rediscover and connect with all aspects of yourself, embracing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This retreat is scheduled for Spring 2025. Please enquire early so as not to miss out.


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Discover Your Food Relationship

Ever wonder how healthy your relationship with food really is? Take this quick quiz to uncover your food relationship type and get personalised tips on how to improve it.