Dr Anu Mehta, Mumbai, India

“Thank you so much Jules for putting me in that healing space and for doing what you are doing”

Sam T, Hove

“It was like a year’s worth of therapy in an hour. The best thing I’ve done in my adult life”

Marion T, Hampshire

“At times I’ve been blown away by your insightfulness. It’s like you have a crystal ball into my life. I feel incredibly nurtured and in safe hands”

Michele P, Surrey

“It has been such an eye-opener, I wish I’d done this years ago. Jules has got such a brilliant toolkit!”

Naomi M, Cumbria

“I now feel very whole whereas before I started working with Jules, I felt fragmented”

Mel S, Kent

“It’s hard to put into words how much Jules has helped me. It’s been so great that the majority of my family now work with her too.”.

Lillie M, Tel Aviv

“Jules has helped me overcome issues that have taught me life lessons to carry through.”

Katie L, Brighton

“Going to see Jules opened my eyes to a lot of things and helped me to go deeper into myself.”

Sharon S, Portsmouth

“I’ve been really happy with the results and have achieved all my goals.”

Hetty K, Salisbury

“Jules has really understood and supported me in moving my goals forward and I would highly recommend her”

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jules to help deal with any mental blocks I had towards my business.
In just a few sessions Jules helped to completely changed my mindset. She challenged my way of looking at things initially and then subsequently worked to get to the root cause of the issue. This was not the most comfortable process, but to actually change and resolve a problem may indeed require something a little more than a few friendly words.

The proof is in the pudding though, and I have not only found these mental blocks removed, I am running a business that is better for my clients, is growing faster than ever and I am happier too. I would happily recommend Jules to others; she has helped me enormously.

Paul F, London

I was initially referred to Jules by my doctor to deal with depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and a feeling of emptiness. Whereas before I saw black, I now see colour. I am able to appreciate things. I’m not caught in a cycle of negative story telling or emotions. Instead I have clarity and with that I have energy for important things like my daughter. I feel alive, I have a purpose and direction. Jules is an exceptionally astute and insightful therapist and it has been a pleasure working with her. In fact I am indebted to her as she really has had a hugely positive impact on my life to an extent I didn’t realise was possible.

Tommy C, Brighton

Jules is supportive and kind, with a great sense of humour and a high level of skill to guide, support and challenge me to be able to make profound personal changes in my life. She helped me to build my self belief, challenged my negative thinking, and broadened and enriched my learning experiences. As a result of our sessions together I have been able to overcome my fears and anxieties and challenge my habitual ways of thinking.

Jules also kindly and compassionately helped me maintain my mental health, even during the times when I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. She has helped me to improve my outlook on life and to feel less fearful and in control of my anxieties.

Denise M, Brighton

Over the 6 months that I’ve been working with Jules, small changes have turned into huge benefits. The way I eat, the choices I make and the foods I now enjoy have all changed. By exploring my relationship with food and why I made these choices in the first place has been amazing.

I have not only achieved all my initial goals but have also made massive life changes which have a positive impact on the way I look and feel.

William A, Brighton

Jules is a wise listener, with a great skill for reflecting back what I have said in a clear and very positive way, picking out the important points and then coming up with a mini “to do” list, with suggestions that might include recipes to try, ideas to think about, simple coping strategies for getting through the scariest moments and small changes that could make a big difference to my life. I always leave her feeling better than when I arrived.

Eleanor G, Brighton

I would recommend Jules to anyone who is facing a transition point in their life or simply seeking to make positive changes to how they are living. She is a kind, gentle and clear thinking coach who I felt both supported and challenged by.

Working with Jules offered me the support of an expert and someone to hold me accountable. Although the changes didn’t feel dramatic, over six months they certainly accumulate.

An overhaul of the house and some large-scale decluttering, a timely resignation from a voluntary job, a refocus on my own career ambitions and most importantly a shift in outlook and priorities.

Emma C, Brighton

Jules has been incredibly supportive on the journey I am making towards better health. I have made so many positive changes that I would never have been able to make without her guidance.

Xanna C, Brighton

Jules is very personable and gentle yet firm and lives true to her beliefs. She gave me useful recipes and took me round a health food store and I’m now benefitting enormously from more nutritious eating for the family. I would recommend Jules to anyone with emotional issues or issues around food.

Liz W, Brighton

Jules helped me by listening sensitively and suggesting small changes that added up to bigger changes.

She is a genuinely caring individual with great insight and wisdom with a wonderful way of helping to find ones own answers. I found the process very nurturing and subtle but with profound benefits.

Bea H, Brighton

Working with Jules has been enlightening and inspiring. Jules is intuitive, patient (very) and warm. Visiting Jules every fortnight for the last 12 weeks has felt like visiting an old friend who has your best interests at heart and your goals at the uppermost of her mind.

From the first visit I felt comfortable and capable of being truthful and honest and trusted her with some difficult thoughts and feelings. I feel much more in control of my challenges and have made headway with several.

Jules opens up a safe, calm and trusting space where I have truly felt able to be truthful and explore what felt too difficult for me to manage alone. Whilst my journey with Jules has primarily been about my emotional wellbeing, Jules offers many holistic and integrative health insights along the way and I’ve changed my health habits with her help too.

Debbie B, Brighton

It is no understatement to say that Jules has transformed my outlook on life. A creative overachiever, I came to Jules overloaded with ideas and confusion as where to start first. Added to this was a severe case of disordered eating patterns, stemming from childhood. Jules doesn’t give you the answers on a plate. She gives plenty of creative suggestions and approaches everything with genuine wisdom and experience.

Non-judgemental, supportive and calming, I credit Jules with helping me clear my head to create a clear and structured approach to self development. Her strength is helping you unlock the doors to ideas and concepts that may have been in front of you the whole time, but you may have lacked the clarity to see them.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jules. She’s brilliant at what she does and displays a genuine passion for helping people help themselves.

Mish R, London

I ran into Jules at Karl Dawson’s matrix reimprinting certification training, where she was one of the helping practitioners. Her expertise inspired enough confidence to sign up with her for my own personal healing shortly after.

I signed up for healing of the deeply rooted life long battle I have had with my weight and body image…and in adult years, hormonal imbalance and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

I have seen vast and dramatic improvements in my body image and self acceptance. I have effortlessly embraced a wholesome and healthy lifestyle and lost 13 pounds and have a lot more energy overall. I truly love the person in the mirror.

In other things too, I have found myself reaching out for more meaningful, creative and rewarding pursuits in all areas of my life – business, relationships and lifestyle.

It’s been a pleasure working with a skilled healer like Jules. I highly recommend her services… especially in the area associated with mind-body associations and holistic health.”

Avantika D, New Jersey