The amazing benefits of colouring in

I’ve always been into colouring and colour as a makeup artist so colour has always featured very heavily in my work.

It now seems as a health coach, there is a place for colour and colouring here too. Colouring enables us to stop focusing on the past and future and instead be in the here and now. There is something very re-assuring about colouring as adults – a chance to be a child again and pick up the pens and pencils instead of the i-phone and laptop.

I refer to a wonderful book by Sarah Rayner and Jules Miller to encourage my clients to colour in. It’s especially useful for those suffering with anxiety and busy minds. It teaches us that anxiety is indeed normal and natural and can be your friend. It helps us alert us to the fact that we may be taking on too much or that we need to look after ourselves. Anxiety keeps us healthy and safe just as much as laughter, tears and friends do. When the anxiety gets out of control and takes over and shows itself when we are doing something normal like shopping, it can be very frightening and we become scared of certain situations and people. This can then create a vicious circle where we tend to avoid things to avoid a negative reaction and the cycle begins.

There is a reason why the bookshops now sell so many versions of mindful colouring in for adults and colouring in for stress – it works! Try it….

For more info on Sarah and Jules’s work, find them on facebook:

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